Bepanthen Plus 30g 5% – Wound Healing Cream for Skin Diseases

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Bepanthen Plus Cream contains a combination of mild disinfectant substances and dexpanthenol, known also as Pro Vitamin B5. The disinfectant substances help to protect minor wounds from infection, while the Pro Vitamin B5 speeds up the natural regeneration process of the skin, helping it to heal faster. This cream can treat many small wounds, from scratches and cuts to mild burns.


Experience the remarkable healing power of Bepanthen Plus Wound Healing Cream. Designed to effectively protect and promote skin recovery, this advanced disinfectant cream features a carefully selected blend of high-quality healing agents. Moreover, it offers the accelerated healing potential and enhanced infection prevention needed for optimal wound care.


Cream combines mild disinfectant substances with dexpanthenol (Pro Vitamin B5). By synergistically working together, these ingredients shield minor wounds from infection and facilitate the natural regeneration process of the skin. With its versatile properties, this cream effectively treats various small wounds, such as scratches, cuts, and mild burns.


The application of the product is quick and easy. Simply cleanse the wound or inflamed area of the skin, then apply a thin layer of the cream once or multiple times a day, as required. Leveraging its scientifically formulated Pro Vitamin B5, Bepanthen Plus harnesses 75 years of skincare experience to ensure the highest quality and optimal results.


Product offers a multitude of benefits for different conditions. Firstly, it provides relief for superficial wounds and infected skin by actively combating bacteria on the skin’s surface. Additionally, this exceptional cream is suitable for both adults and children, making it a convenient choice for the whole family.

Notable Uses:

To safeguard against infection, Bepanthen Plus effectively protects a wide range of minor wounds at risk of infection, including abrasions, small cuts, scratches, fissures, and mild burns. Furthermore, it excels in treating infected skin irritations, offering soothing relief with its disinfecting properties. Moreover, for nursing mothers, Bepanthen Plus provides gentle care by aiding in the healing of cracked nipples during breastfeeding.


In conclusion, embrace the exceptional benefits of Bepanthen Plus Wound Healing Cream. Its advanced formulation, backed by decades of expertise, ensures superior protection and accelerated healing for your skin. With Bepanthen Plus, you can trust in its effective ingredients and versatile applications to promote skin recovery and prevent infection. So, make Bepanthen Plus your go-to choice for optimal wound care and experience the transformative power it brings to your healing journey.

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